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Blues and Roots Radio Awards:
WORLDWIDE Album of the Year

WONDERFULLY AMAZINGLY FABULOUS NEWS!!! Thanks to all at Blues and Roots Radio for making ‘Let The Music Speak For Itself’ their WORLDWIDE Album of the Year!!

Blues and Roots Radio Awards: WORLDWIDE Album of the Year

Let The Music Speak for Itself
After 12 years, 6 albums and hundreds of gigs, Merry Hell have taken a little time to look back on all that has passed.


Let The Music Speak for Itself

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Don't Walk On Me
John Melia, a friend of Merry Hell, has had a hard and difficult life. Not because of his disability and learning difficulties but because of the way that others have treated him.

Don't Walk On Me

A huge music fan, as part of a project funded by Wigan Healthy Arts and Merry Hell, with the support of The Music Projects, John told his life story to our own Bob Kettle, who turned this into the attached song - 'Don't Walk On Me'

Recorded with the help of our guitarist, producer John Kettle, sung by Bob, with a vocal contribution from John Melia, 'Don't Walk On Me' tells of his hurt but also the effect that finding the love of his wife, Elizabeth, has made to his life.

Don't Walk On Me

Hoping that you like the song - if you are able to give it a spin, then please let us know and we will tell John that his song and message are being shared. In the words of Bob, The more attention it (the song) gets, the more its purpose will be fulfilled - to bring light into the life of a good-hearted man who has suffered dreadful abuse.

Listen to Don't Walk On Me

Don’t Walk On Me
I was born in a cold, hard town
In nineteen-seventy four
My life was tough, I was let down
By the system and the law

My Daddy was a hardworking man,
He worked when he was able.
He sailed the sea, he worked down the pit;
There was always food on the table.

Don’t walk, don’t walk all over me!
Don’t walk, don’t walk on me-ee-ee-ee
Don’t walk, don’t walk all over me!
Don’t walk on me.

I’ve had to take the lies and hate
Of fools who cannot see
If not for chance and a different face
They’d be just the same as me.

They laughed at me, they put me down
But it was never funny.
‘Cos I was hurt and found life rough
They called me ‘Dopey Johnny.’

Don’t walk, don’t walk all over me!
Don’t walk, don’t walk on me-ee-ee-ee
Don’t walk, don’t walk all over me!
Don’t walk on me.

I met a girl, she is my world
She became my wife.
I love her more than anything,
She has become my life.

So you can laugh and you can lie
If you cannot see
That I am happy in my home
So, it’s all the same to me!

Chorus x2

From the Merry Hell family - your introduction to carbonhobo - 'Somewhere Down The Northern Line' taken from the soon to be released album 'Memoirs From The Crooked Road' carbonhobo is a new project from our fiddle player Neil McCartney and features contributions by friends from both @Merry Hell and The Big Geraniums as well as his son Ben. Hoping you like it - more to come soon!

Lost Songs

A very, very special event on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 7TH - well we did promise!. Reflecting on their times as both Merry Hell and The Tansads, John, Bob and Andrew, along with Virginia, share much loved but rarely heard songs from their illustrious and occasionally murky past. - some familar songs, some old favourites and throw in some stories and chat for a night to neither miss nor forget. Support from the currently mysterious carbonhobo. All in support of PAPYRUS - Prevention of Young Suicide.

At The Brindley Arts Centre, Runcorn
Support from the mysterious carbonhobo.
The evening show has now SOLD OUT, but we've put on an extra afternoon show at 2pm - so get in and book your tickets!

English Folk Expo

We were absolutely delighted to have entered the official Folk Charts as a new entry at No.24, alongside new entries from The Levellers and The Pogues as well as albums by the likes of Show of Hands and Fairport Convention.

Click here to view the latest chart

Official Folk Albums Chart Show

We have also been included in this weeks Official Folk Albums Chart Show

Click here to watch the Official Folk Albums Chart Show

5th Anniversary

Released on July 4th to mark the 5th anniversary of the succesful quadruple heart bypass operation performed on our manager, Damian. The song was originally written to mark his recovery from a previous heart attack and return to running. If you enjoy the track - please make a donation - however small to support the British Heart Foundation. Also, the track can be downloaded for free from our website but we ask that people make a donation if they do this - from each according to their means! All hail our NHS!

Here are his own words from July 3rd:

5 years ago today was a little of a low point. I was that ill that, late in the evening, the sheer physical effort of cleaning my teeth was enough to send my heart rate high enough to trigger the alarm on the Nurse station on the ward and staff came dashing to check what the problem was. Waiting in Wythenshawe Hospital for my bypass operation, I had been in hospital for nearly a month after a couple of heart attacks - I had been unable to walk more than around 30 feet in that time without something unpleasant happening. So fast forward to yesterday - I did a half marathon - although in fairness I did walk most of it - a little bit of a contrast (I would have waited until today but the weather forecast didn't look too good). So, tomorrow - the anniversary of my quadruple bypass op, I will be doing something a little special along with help from Merry Hell and hopefully you will support it. Keep watching. It isn't a Chumbawamba cover - but - I get knocked down....

2020 Folking Awards Winner

The Folking Awards

MERRY HELL: WINNERS OF BEST LIVE ACT AWARD FROM THOSE LOVELY PEOPLE AT FOLKING.COM - Thanks to all who voted for us - we do put a lot into trying to make our gigs an event - a celebration of the joy we feel in sharing our songs - days like today it all makes sense!


The Hourglass Trilogy

Merry Hell release 'Leave It In The Ground' a digital single, available to download and stream from all the usual places. A video will be relased at the same time.


When Merry Hell started thinking about a new album and the writers brought their fresh ideas to the band, it was a surprise that 3 of us, Virginia Kettle, Bob Kettle and Neil McCartney had each written songs that gave voice to concerns about our environmental impact and the climate emergency. Each has a different voice but all have that positive, joyful Merry Hell feel.

As is true of our previous releases, we are neither strident nor condemnatory. We do not preach, we seek to ask questions of ourselves and encourage others to do the same.

The new songs are strong and the messages are united. Let us look at our own behaviours and how we can make positive changes for the benefit of all, whilst we hold up the mirror of truth to those who place profits and gain above the common good.
We have decided to release the songs as The Hourglass Trilogy, reflecting the widely held belief that the time for action is now, hopefully before it is too late.

The series will also serve as a taster for our next album Emergency Lullabies, currently approaching completion.

There will also be a video accompanying each of the singles.
The tracks and videos will be released individually, 3 weeks apart, as downloads or to stream because we felt that pressing a CD of only 3 songs would be counter to the ideas represented by this project.

We are not eco warriors, we are not perfect, most of us have cars and we are all still learning how to be more thoughtful about our behaviour. However, whilst we recognise both our own actions and shortcomings, we applaud and salute those individuals and groups who, by their actions and words, inspire us to individual and collective action. Their bravery in the face of political and indeed physical threat on an industrial scale is an example to us all. We all know who they are, let us support them the best we can.

Finally, we applaud our own children, who are, in many cases, far more aware, active and engaged than we are and should have been.

Enjoy the music. Listen to the words, make up your own minds and let us all take the actions we believe to be right.

Merry Hell with The Social Isolation Choir and the Key Workers Chorus release Beyond The Call - a song for the NHS.

Our song featuring many of your voices and images will go live on our Facebook and YouTube channel fro 7.30 AM Wednesday 15th of April - we hope that you like it and if you do, that you will share it with anyone who might appreciate it.

CLICK HERE to listen to the MP3

The night that the UK entered lockdown due to COVID-19, John wrote this song as he reflected on the situation. A demo version was shared on our Facebook page and the response was fabulous, so we decided to record a full band version - quite a technical challenge for some of us, as it had to be done remotely, rather than in the studio where everything could be controlled by John. As we talked about it, we decided that, based on the comments received, the song wasn't just about our feelings but thoughts and concerns shared by so many, so we decided to open the song up to as many of those voices as we could. Over a weekend, we used our social media to invite friends and fans to record themselves singing along to the chorus (we even provided a tutorial) and send us their contributions. We collected all the files, added them to our own (including members of our own families) to produce 'The Social Isolation Choir' and The Key Workers Chorus' - many of the contributions coming from people working on the front line. At the same time, we invited the singers to send in images of themselves and images of their loved ones who were working to keep us safe or to bring us back to health. These images were included in the accompanying video. About 150 voices were added to ours and we received many pictures of a whole lot of fabulous and dedicated people, nurses, doctors, care workers, delivery drivers, shop workers, radiographers, audiologists drafted in to support ward staff, members of all the emergency services and friends who are doing their bit however they can.

A huge round of applause each and every day to every one of them. May they all stay safe. An acknowledgement as well for John Kettle for masterminding the sound production and Neil McCartney for the video, both having brought their own kind of magic to the mix in a phenomenally short space of time.

Finally, we hope that you enjoy it, share our love and admiration for all concerned with the dirty end of the fight against the virus and please spread that love if you do.

All best wishes
Merry Hell 15th April 2020.

The absolute world premiere of our documentary:


Tickets available here!!

If Life is a journey, ours has been more of a mystery tour wrapped up in an adventure that we really want to share. Wherever we go, we feel love and togetherness between band members and the people we meet. It’s a real privilege to be part of that, so we want to give our audience a deeper sense of who we are, where we come from, where we’ve been and where we’re going.

We took our new camera behind the curtain, into our dressing rooms (when we had them), into our homes, on the road, to the soundchecks and service stations – and, along the way, into our thoughts, dreams and concerns. We hope that you’ll enjoy a peek into our experience of being a band – and into the joy of being Merry Hell, in what was a fabulous year for us.

This collage of sights, sounds and memories is dedicated to the friends we’ve made and those we hope to meet in future.

After showing our documentary, there will be a Question and Answer session involving all members of the band for approximately an hour.

Tickets include a copy of the DVD of the documentary. We offer a single ticket at £12.50 to include a copy of the DVD and a ticket for 2 people for £17.50 that includes admission for those 2 people but only one copy of the DVD.

Folking Awards
We are delighted with bells on to have won the prestigious Best Band Award for a second time!! Thanks to all who helped make it so.
Great to win in the company of our friends:
Reg Meuross Music - Soloist of the Year Award
The Men They Couldn't Hang - Best Live Band Award and especially our Wigan hometown mates Vision Thing - Rising Stars Award

Songwriting & Music with Bob Kettle Here are some reviews and notable mentions of our new acoustic album Anthems to the Wind.

Folk Radio
Got to love this review from those thoroughly decent chaps at Folk Radio UK.

From the Margins
We are very happy to share a lovely, thoughtful and insightful review of Anthems to the Wind - this time courtesy of the 'From the Margins' website. No money changed hands to obtain this review - but when we see the writer he will be greeted with a broad smile and a firm handshake of gratitude!

Here's Fatea Magazine's review of Anthems to the Wind. As ever, thanks to all at that fine publication and in particular to David Pratt for his wonderful review! Enjoy, we certainly did!

Here's a lovely review of Anthems to the Wind from Jez Denton, Radio Bicester broadcaster and Tarka Blowpig website supremo! Cheers Jez and look forward to seeing you at a gig soon.

We've also been getting some great support from the folk radio community, here are a few...

We were delighted to be told that 'Drunken Serenade' will be Record of the Week on Lionheart Radio. Broadcasting to the beautiful county of Northumberland, the station can also be heard via the web at Many thanks to all concerned!

Thanks to our friend and man of taste and discerning musical taste Dave Watkins of Always On Sunday for making Anthems to the Wind his album of the Week!

Delighted that our friend Jem from Glastonbury fm has made Anthems to the Wind his album of the week on his World Beat show. We enjoyed meeting him at our gig in Wiveliscombe earlier this year and look forwrd to bumping into him again. Just trying to think where they might have a festival in his part of the world that we might enjoy playing!

We are delighted to be Album of the Week on look out for the hour long special featuring an interview!!

Delighted that our friend Liz Franklin has made Anthems the Wind her album of the Week on her EdenFM Show. Plenty other great music as well. Thanks Liz!

Delighted that our friend @Roger Pettit has decided to make Anthems to the Wind the featured album on his Roots and Shoots with Roger Pettit on Felixstowe Radio show this very night - he's been with us pretty much since the start - and our gratitude continues to increase!

Big thanks to Alternative Roots on where your host and ours Mike Davies has been kind enough to make Anthems to the Wind his featured album.

Delighted that Anthems to the Wind will be the Album of the Week on Gary Hazlehurst’s Radio Nova Folk Show. Much appreciate!!

Oh and not to mention the Album of the Year nomination!!

In the year that keeps on giving! Blues and Roots Radio have included ‘Anthems to the Wind’ in their nominations for Album of the Year. The station brings together over 50 broadcasters and their shows from around the World, featuring shows from Canada, The USA, Australia, The UK & Ireland and several other European countries. We are delighted to be included and feel that everyone on the list is already a winner! Have a listen and get to know some great music!

Songwriting & Music with Bob Kettle
Songwriting & Music workshop with Bob Kettle
October 20th 2018
Our very own bouzouki wielding songsmith, Bob Kettle, is running a songwriting workshop at Wigans Old Courts.
Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced musician, this workshop is for anyone with an interest in song writing and music. Guided by Bob Kettle (of Merry Hell fame), we will produce an original song entirely based the ideas and suggestions of our group. Explore the basics of creating rhythm, melody and lyrics in a friendly, supportive and encouraging environment. Lean how to ‘build’ and develop songs as a group and as an individual, receive hints and trips on how to use different musical instruments.
Facebook event page
Get your tickets here
Visit the venue website

Folking Awards
Awards - Bloody Hell!
We've only gone and won 2 of the things!
BEST BAND and BEST LIVE ACT in the hugely respected Awards.
We haven't prepared a speech but we'd like to thank our Mums and Dads, all those of you who voted for us and those lovely folk at who nominated us in the first place (which is where the honour lies).
We can honestly say that it's put a spring in our strides, a twinkle in our eyes and a flutter in our hearts.

Come On, England!Our new single Bury Me Naked is available now from Amazon or from our online shop

You can even sing along with the subtitled track here


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2017 Folking Awards

We are ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED to see Merry Hell nominated in the Best Band category of the 2017 Folking Awards - up against some stiff opposition - please take a moment to go and vote (it's the third category - you need to click on the link - scroll down the page then follow the voting form through until you see the best band category) Please don't leave it to others - and if you feel like spreading the love amongst your family and friends, then feel free. CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Make Merry Hell with the Kettles!

Make Merry Hell with the Kettles!

A Song Writing Weekend Course

Dates: 17th – 19th February 2017

Times: Friday 7.30pm – 10pm / Saturday 9.15am – 9.30pm / Sunday 10am – 5pm

Venue: The Music Projects, 830 Ormskirk Road, Pemberton, Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 8EX

Cost: £150 per person

Merry Hell have joined forces with Healthy Arts and The Music Projects to offer a Songwriting course with Bob, Virginia and John Kettle in Wigan. Spend the weekend with three of Merry Hell’s songwriters learning how they write their songs and working creatively with them to produce and record a new and original song.
On the Friday night, you will hear Bob, Virginia and John each explain the writing process behind their own Merry Hell song, then have the opportunity to ask them questions about any of their back catalogue.
On Saturday, you will have a ten minute consultation with either Bob or Virginia about your own song ideas (submitted before the weekend) and receive individual personal and written feedback. You will then spend the rest of the day writing a group song (maximum of 6 people) with either Bob or Virginia before spending the evening with John Kettle in his Studio, where Merry Hell’s latest CD ‘Bloodlines’ was created, to learn how he produces Merry Hell’s music.
On Sunday, you will return to the studio to record your group’s song with John and either Bob or Virginia. This will later be produced and mastered by John Kettle and a copy sent to you online and/or by post.

Booking Information
Please contact Martin Green, Healthy Arts Project Manager on 07542 114383 or email – Payment of £150 will be arranged via cheque or BACS transfer.
The course is limited to 12 places maximum.

Songwriter flyerClick here to see our flyer.

Booking & Cancellation Policy – The deadline for booking is 31st January or whenever the course is full, whichever is sooner. If we do not get 10 participants, the course will not go ahead and you will be refunded in full. However, if the participant cancels after this date, no refunds are available.

Suitable meal breaks are built into the weekend. Light refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits) will be provided. Accommodation, transport & meals are the responsibility of the participant and are not included in the price.

Partners’ websites:

Accommodation & Restaurant suggestions:
There are several pubs, shops & eateries in the immediate vicinity of the venue, catering to all tastes. These include The Mount Pub and The Stag Inn, both nearby on Orrell Road.
Hotels -
Premier Inn, Wigan Town Centre – bookings on 0871 527 9502
Premier Inn, Wigan West (Orrell Road) – bookings on 0871 527 9168

'We Need Each Other Now' - the new song from Merry Hell - a song for our times. This video was put together bysongwriter/ musician and broadcaster George Papavgeris after he received a promotional copy of the song. Not only was he moved to make the video but you can also see George and his band playing a version of the song a mere 2 days after first hearing it!
We hope you like the song and if you do and agree with the message, please feel free to share. It's from our new album 'Bloodlines' which will be out in October.

Wigan Pride

DELIGHTED and PROUD that 'Loving The Skin You're In' has been chosen as the Song Of Wigan Pride.

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The Folkies Awards

Merry Hell have only gone and been nominated for another award. Those fine folk at have included the band in the Best Group category for the Folkies Awards, alongside some of the cream of the UK folk scene. This time it's a public vote, so anyone who wants to, please follow this link and vote Merry Hell. You know it makes sense (you have to go through the different categories to get to the Best Group!).

A Concert for the Refugees - Tuesday 23rd February 2016
Come and join "Merry Hell", "Grateful Fred" and "The Good Intentions" for this acoustic concert in the lovely surroundings of The Nordic Church.
ALL proceeds will be donated to "Medicins Sans Frontiere" to help with their amazing work worldwide assisting refugees.
There will be raffles, food, "Merry Fred Ale" and refreshments. Or bring your own. (Subject to £1 corkage).
Concert doors open at 7.30pm but please come earlier to enjoy refreshments. The Nordic Church cafe' will be open well before the concert.
Click here to visit the venue website
Click here to visit the events facebook page
Click here to buy tickets
Click here to download the flyer

Fatea Awards

It was absolutely fantastic to win the Fatea Award for best group/duo yesterday - particularly given that a couple of years ago we were delighted to have been chosen as first support to Bellowhead and now being nominated in the same category as them is almost unbelievable. However, what has been particularly wonderful has been the response from our friends/fans who appear to have shared our delight who have been so quick to 'like' and 'share' our good news on Facebook. It all adds to our feeling that things are happening for Merry Hell and that this is because what we do actually strikes a real chord with the people who listen to our music and come to our gigs. Thanks again and onwards into 2016.

To celebrate the winning the best group category of the Fatea Awards and STARTING THE RECORDING OF THE NEXT ALBUM we are giving you the oppertunity to win a very rare Promo Cd of 4 tracks from the live DVD! Click here to find out how to enter.

Come and join "Merry Hell", "Grateful Fred" and "The Good Intentions" for this acoustic concert in the lovely surroundings of The Nordic Church.
ALL proceeds will be donated to "Medicins Sans Frontiere" to help with their amazing work worldwide assisting refugees.
There will be raffles, food, "Merry Fred Ale" and refreshments. Or bring your own. (Subject to £1 corkage).
Concert doors open at 7.30pm but please come earlier to enjoy refreshments. The Nordic Church cafe' will be open well before the concert.
Click here to visit the venue website
Click here to visit the events facebook page
Click here to buy tickets
Click here to download the flyer

Song Writing with Bob, Recording with John

Bob and John Kettle

A message from Bob:
I'll be hosting 4 song writing 'workshops' on Saturdays 13th, 20th, 27th, Feb and 5th March. No previous musical experience is necessary – but if participants want to bring their instruments and ideas, that'll be welcomed. We'll be working in a group format. I'll demonstrate a method of writing a song which will be totally based on the group's own contributions. You'll then be able to use that technique to help with your own compositions in future.
After that, we'll record the song we've written together at John's
studio on Sunday 6th March (I'll also be there for that session).
I'll look forward to working with you. It should be fun.

Song writing workshops with Bob Kettle:
1pm – 3pm
Saturdays 13th, 20th and 27th February and 5th March

Recording session with John Kettle (full day in a professional studio):
Sunday, 6th March

The venue for the workshops and recording will be:
Pemberton Music Projects, 830 Ormskirk Road, Wigan WN5 8EX
Cost £100 (includes tuition, recording day and CD!)
To book your place, contact Healthy Arts:
07542 114383

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Delighted that 'Ghost...' Has been nominated for an award as 'Best Album by a band' for 2015 by Folkwords. If you look at the calibre of the nominees you can see we are in with some big shots as well!
Nice to see some of our friends in there as well - Daria Kulesh and Ange Hardy - though obviously not in the same category as us of course - them not being bands and all!
Good luck to all concerned but we will have our fingers crossed!

If you haven't yet seen the acousticish line up of the band then here's a review that will give you a good idea of what to expect. Why not share it with someone involved in the booking at your local folk club, Arts Centre or venue - remember people invvolved in organising gigs are always beng contacted by bands saying how great they are - but it comes as a breath of fresh air when people who attend the club or venue suggest that they book an artist as it makes them more confident about making a booking and that people will come!! The same is true of festival organisers!

A Grand Night OutAs you will hopefully know by now, our gig at The Grand, Clitheroe on Feb 28th, was filmed for a live DVD.

The DVD is available to order on our shop now.

Newsletter 22Newsletter #22 Out Now
With some exciting news about the release of our new album 'The Ghost in Our House and Other Stories', the upcoming live DVD filming at The Grand, a peice from our mandolin maestro Bob, tour news and much more.

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Armistice PalsBIG NEWS! Merry Hell are proud to have enlisted in The Armistice Pals.
This is a fabulous community of Folk musicians who are coming together to mark the 100th Anniversary of World War 1. We will be releasing a 'Perfect Day' style version of Pete Seeger's anti-war classic, 'Where Have All The Flowers Gone?', on Sunday 9th November - the week of The Armistice. The song will be available as a download, CD single and a limited edition vinyl 7". Andrew and Virginia will feature alongside some of the UK Folk world's most distinctive voices and alongside a number of international allies. The musical backing for the track will be supplied by the band. Please visit the Armistice Pals Facebook Page and 'like' it to make sure that you are kept up with developments - and have a look at the website at to see the incredible line up that we will be part of. If the Armistice Pals were a festival, it would be the best line up of the year!

The project is not a celebration of war; it is a marking of the start of what was supposed to be 'the war to end all wars' and the senseless slaughter that followed, with its devastating affect on both the loved ones and communities which the soldiers left behind, all too often not to return As this is is a community project, there will be Armistice Pals events across the country in the week of the release of the song and we invite people to look for ways to get involved.

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Mike Harding Folk ShowSome kind words from folk legend Mike Harding after our gig at the Beverley Folk Festival.
"Personal highlights for me were seeing The Whiskey Dogs and Merry Hell live. The Whiskey Dogs were the essence of Old Timey music - they swung, they really did. Had a bit of a play with them afterwards in the bar - grand stuff. And Merry Hell? Well they were magnifico! Songs from the CD like Bury Me Naked and Loving the skin - but several songs that were new to me - one (I think it was called Roxanne or Rosanne [Rosanna's Song] about walking in the hills with your lover and another – That's The Way The Money Goes (I think that was its name anyway) [The Crooked Man]. Their banter on stage was great and the musicianship was tops. If they aren't headlining some major festivals next year I'll eat your hat as well as my own."

FATEAA nice interview with the band by Peter Cowley of Fatea. Click here to read.

Mike Harding Folk ShowA big thank you to Mike Harding for playing a track off the new album on the Mike Harding Folk Show.
Click here to listen to the shows podcast.

Louder than WarA cracking review of 'Head Full of Magic, Shoes Full of Rain' from our good friend Paul Ariss at Louder than War. A must read!

FATEAHere's a great review of 'Head Full of Magic, Shoes Full of Rain' from the excellent FATEA online magazine - Thanks to David Kidman Fatea Showcases.

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Merry Hell are pleased to annouce that they have been nominated for best group in the Spiral Earth's - Spiral Awards 2012.

Stafford FMBLINK... And You Miss It will be featured on Stafford FM's What The Folk Is That show tomorrow (Monday 27th February) between 8-10pm. So many thanks to presenter Gary Hazlehurst who will be playing a few tracks and if you want a listen then go to

Click here to read the 2011 news stories

Hermitage FMMerry Hell will be featured on Hermitage FM's Folk Show on Thursday 26th January.
Presenter John Legrys did an interview with the band at the Birmingham gig and the interview can be heard here.

Just a couple of days left to hear the best of 2011 radio programme presented on several BBC regional stations by musician and poet Johnny Coppin.

Can you guess which band and which album has been included?

world beat canada
world beat canada
I know that we included a tour of british columbia amongst our wishlist for the future but this is a link to a review by Cal Koat a broadcaster and writer in British Columbia.

He has playlisted Drunken Serenade, One More Day, This Time, The Gentle Man and his favorite, Lean On Me Love for airplay on Celt In A Twist radio, AM 1470, CJVB in Vancouver. Podcasts are available.

Thanks to Gail at Frusion for putting this in motion

Folk North West Magazine
Folk North West Magazine
There are fabulous reviews of the album in fRoots magazine, Folk North West magazine and online at Folk & Roots - thanks to Simon Jones, Pete Fyfe and David Kidman respectively. We would love to share the reviews online but as these magazines are well worth the read then people really should get their own copy!!!

PURE FMPure FM - Rick Stuart: Roots and Fusion
Wednesday November 16th
Merry Hell recorded live in the Roots & Fusion studio recently - the session will be included in this Wednesday's show.
You can now listen to the podcast of the show if you missed it Click here to listen.

the stroke associationBand Members from Merry Hell ran together to raise money for the Stroke Association and are seeking your sponsorship, please donate whatever you can to help in our quest.

Band on a RunEvery five minutes someone in the UK has a stroke. A stroke does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone at anytime in their life. Strokes are sudden and their consequences can be devastating.

The Stroke Association is the only charity solely concerned with helping everyone affected across the UK. Our vision is to have a world where there are fewer strokes and all those touched by stroke get the help they need. The Stroke Association can only provide life-changing support and research with your help.

Please help support The Stroke Association's vital work by sponsoring me online. Just visit All donations are secure and sent directly to The Stroke Association. If you are a UK taxpayer, The Stroke Association will reclaim 28 pence for every pound you donate, through Gift Aid (at no extra cost to you). This way your donation is worth even more. Make sure you click the Gift Aid box.

If you would like to learn more about the vital work of The Stroke Association, please visit:

Oldham Community RadioMerry Hell will be playing another radio session on Monday 17th October with Ali O'Brien on Oldham Community Radios Sounds of Folk show.

Salford City RadioMerry Hell will be playing a session on the excellent Salford Folk programme on Salford City radio on Thursday 6th October. This will be followed by the band also appearing along with the show's hosts Dave Mather, Peter Robinson and Ellie Walk at their local, The Wagon and Horses

R2 MagazineWe are pleased to announce that Merry Hell will be featured in the new edition of R2 magazine, the UK's best selling eclectic music magazine out September 12th. Over the Border will also appear on the cover cd.

Chorley FMAnother live radio acoustic set will be on Chorley FM's Folk Show with James Blatchley on Tuesday 27th September at 8pm.

Moorlands RadioMerry Hell will be playing an acoustic set on Simon Jones Moorlands Roots Radio Show on 2nd October at 7pm.

Off The TracksAfter enjoying the experience of Haigh Fest, we have well and truly got the festival bug again and so are really pleased to be confirmed for Off The Tracks at Donington Park. Widely regarded as one of the best festivals out there - so good that they have a Spring and a Summer Festival, Merry Hell will be appearing on Saturday 3rd September. As we will be performing in the late afternoon we will get time to see some of the other bands appearing, ranging for the legendary to the intriguing - so have look at the line up and decide which is which!

Click here to download the flyer.

Haigh Fest >Merry Hell< will be playing at Haigh Fest on Sunday July 3rd
The gig is held outside Haigh Hall in Wigan and features 12 bands with Merry Hell the last band on stage at around 7:20pm.

The band were delighted to be selected to play as it was one of our main ambitions for our first year.

Entrance to Haigh Fest is £2.00

Here is a link to Salford City Radio show Salford Folk playing Merry Hell - the whole band are delighted or go to the Salford City radio site and look for the Salford Folk programme page



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