Find out more about our bassist

1. What bands were you in before Merry Hell? (what's your previous musical experience?)
I’ve formed and played in several originals bands including, most recently, Northern Logic – a fusion of electronic beats with electric guitar and bass. I also spent several years playing with an originals funk band named Phunk. Whilst both were great fun and superb creative outlets, they both eventually folded due to lack of ‘success’ and band members drifting apart – including a singer who moved to China!

2. When did you first hear about Merry Hell?
As a lifelong Tansads fan, from being an impressionable teenager, Merry Hell has been on my radar since they first formed. I have been to several Merry Hell gigs and inadvertently overheard many rehearsals since starting work at the same College is John Kettle. As a lad born near Pemberton, Wigan, the band members have composed a kind of soundtrack to my life.

3. How do you feel about performing with the band?
Live shows are almost always uplifting and joyful occasions. I enjoy getting swept up with the audience and the rest of the band. I feel extremely privileged to play alongside such top level musicians and songwriters. The endless motorway miles are always worth it. I like the variety of small and intimate gigs – and also the large festival stages and big crowds.

4. What have been your favourite moments/experiences with the band?
Playing at Cropredy this year felt like a lifetime achievement for me, given the size and heritage associated with that festival. The warmth and love the band felt from the stage and from talking to people afterwards was very special indeed. Another highlight was the writing weekend we had in Shropshire, when the ideas for the forthcoming album were first brought to the band by the different songwriters. It felt like being present at a birth (but without the gore). The many hours spent travelling are always filled with good humour, stories and expansive conversations. The miles melt away.

5. Have you got any hopes for the future?
To build on the success of this years live shows to take our music to ever wider audiences. Making new friends in the north as well as consolidating our friends down south. Completing and releasing Merry Hell’s new album and many more beyond.

6. What music are you into generally?
I’m a fan of music which inspires and enriches me, whatever it sounds like and wherever it comes from. Folk music has always been in my life, which can be traced back to my parents and their beliefs and musical tastes. Electronic and experimental dance music is never far from my playlist and I’m open to exploring any musical genres. I fiercely admire strong songwriters and respect and am in awe of virtuoso musicians. Working with young people helps keep me aware of the diverse range of new music being produced and consumed in this modern age.