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A little Soldier's Joy for Christmas. Put together by Mike 'Jonah' Jones, who many of you will recognise from our merchandising stall from footage shot at gigs around the country during 2016.
Besides being known as Soldier's Joy (referring to a combination of whiskey, beer and morphine used by troops in the Amerian Civil War, Robbie Burns also put words to the tune as part of his work 'The Jolly Beggars'
We could rename it 'The Drummer's Demise' as Andy is left pretty breathless as our version gets faster and faster - which is why we usually have to follow it with a ballad.

Video by Steve Edwards at Focal Media

Video by Steve Edwards at Focal Media
Big thanks to Al Balmer for putting together the movie from photos he has shot at our gigs.
Merry Helloween. St Helens Citadel, October 2012
Rec'd for Terry. Queens Hall Studio, Widnes, July 2012
Haigh Fest 2011. Photos by Al Balmer
Photos by Ravey Davey (Darkstar Imaging)
Photos by Alex Taylor
Photos by Joolz Design

Merry Hell: Live After Lockdown

Morecambe, The Platform
February 4th

Harrogate Folk Club
February 5th

Southport, Love Folk Festival
February 12th

London: The Half Moon, Putney (Electric Band)
February 19th

London: The Half Moon, Putney (Acoustic matinee)
February 20th

Biddulph Town Hall
With Ranagri
April 2nd

Milton Keynes, The Stables
With Ranagri
April 3rd

Tavistock, The Wharf
With Ranagri
April 4th

Taunton, The Brewhouse
With Ranagri
April 5th

Birmingham, Hare & Hounds
With Ranagri
April 6th

Venue TBC
With Ranagri
April 7th

Darwen, The Library Theatre
With Ranagri
April 8th

Hull, The New Adelphi
With Ranagri
April 9th

Chester, St Mary’s Creative Space
With Ranagri
April 10th

Lowdham Village Hall
With Ranagri
April 16th

Church Stretton, Silvester Horne Institute
April 22nd

Liverpool Philharmonic
April 23rd

Derby, Hairy Dog Folk Festival
April 24th

Filey Folk Festival
April 30th

Dorchester Festival Folk Night
May 2nd

Uttoxeter: Acoustic Festival of Britain
May 21st

Didcot: Folk at The Fleur
June 4th

Wychwood Festival
June 5th

Wimborne Folk Festival
June 11th

Folk In A Field Festival, Norfolk
July 2nd

New Forest Folk Festival
July 10th

The Brindley Arts Centre, Runcorn
September 1st

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